800px-Sukhoi SU-15TM 2008 G4
The Vympel R-60 (NATO codename: AA-8 Aphid) is a Soviet air-to-air missile.

Design and History Edit

Development of the R-60 (bureau designation “K-60”) began in the late 1960s. After four years of development, production started in the year 1973 and one year later, first units were delivered to the Soviet Air Force. The missile has a range of 0.5 to 10 km. The missile is unusually small and it is mainly used by attacker aircraft (like the MiG-27, Su-24, and Su-25) and helicopters for self-defence. Fighter aircraft only use it as a complement to their armament.

The R-60 has limited all-aspect capabilities. The missile is mounted on APU-60-1 pylons on the wings of an aircraft and if two missiles have to be mounted on one single pylon, the APU-60-2 is used.

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