"When you're out of F-8's, you're out of fighters."

- F-8 Pilot Insignia

The Vought F-8 Crusader was a single engined fighter designed to be a supersonic, carrier based, air superiority fighter. It's first flight was in 1955, and it entered service in 1957. The final examples were retired in 1999 in France. The Crusader, with its four 20 mm cannons, was called the last gun fighter.


France-F-8E(FN)-42x-17x later upgraded to F-8P standard.

Philippines-F-8H-25x along with another 10x used for spares.

Details (F-8E)Edit

  • Length: 54 FT 3 in
  • Wingspan: 35 FT 8 In
  • Maximum Speed: Mach 1.86 (1,225 MPH)
  • Thrust to Weight Ratio: 0.62



700 × 286 - [2] 900 × 574 - [3][4]


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