In 2016, I chase lots of Boeing 777s, which is a big difference on taking lots of A330s in a year. My first 777 flight this year, CX257 from Hong Kong to London, was on 24/3. It was a -300ER which is 4 years old (B-KPZ), also the 26th of the type in CX. The second flight was also a -300ER, flight CX238 on the return to HK on my 2016 UK trip. This is the third of the type of CX(B-KPC). I vomited, but CX's SSFTH helped me. I will take two more 777s on the trip to Korea in August. The first one will be a -300ER again, as CX434 on the 19th. The second one is a -200, as CX419 3 days later. It will be something new to me on travelling on a refreshed -200. Although I took a -200 two years ago(it is CX of course), it was using the old seats.

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