The Tupolev Tu-2 (Russian: Туполев Ту-2, NATO codename: "Bat") was a twin engine, medium weight bomber, that was used by the Soviet Union during World War II. It was the most advanced Soviet Bomber aircraft of that time.

Development Edit

The Tu-2 was developed after a requirement of the Soviet Air Force for a bomber that can be used for dive bombing, for convetional bombing, as well as for reconnaissance roles. The aircraft should be the replacement for the SB-2 from the year 1934.

The Tu-2 prototype was designed as Samolyot 103 (Aircraft-103). The first prototype ANT-58 had its first flight on 29th January 1941 and was called FB-58 or Tu-58 as well. This prototype was designed to be a conventional bomber, while the second prototype ANT-59 (also Samolyot 103U; First flight: 18th May 1941) was designed as a dive bomber. The last prototype ANT-60/103W was equipped with new ASch-82 engines, because the old AM-37 engines could not be mass produced as good as the new ones.

In November 1942 the first aircraft, under the specification ANT-61/Samolyot 103S, were delivered and they were first used in combat on 14th September 1942. At the beginning of the year 1943 it was named Tupolev Tu-2. In the year 1948 production ended. All in all 2,527 aircraft were built, depending on other sources 2,550 aircraft.

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