This is a list of military trainer aircraft of the United States and the Yak-130 is Russian.




  • T-1 Jayhawk
  • T2V Seastar
  • T-2 Buckeye
  • T-3 Firefly
  • T-6 Texan
  • T-6 Texan II
  • T-28 Trojan
  • T-29 Samaritan
  • T-33 Shooting Star
  • T-34 Mentor
  • T-37 Tweet
  • T-38 Talon
  • T-39 Sabreliner
  • T-40 JetStar
  • T-41 Mescalero
  • T-42 Cochise
  • T-43 Gator
  • T-44 Pegasus
  • T-45 Goshwak
  • T-46
  • T-47 Citation II
  • T-51 Commuter


  • Yak-130

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