800px-KS-172 NTW - 94
The Novator K-100 (it has various other names like: Izdeliye 172 ('Article 172'), AAM-L (RVV-L), KS–172, KS-1, 172S-1 and R-172) is a Russian Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missile, with very high range. The missile was designed to have an anti-AWACS role, being the reason for its nickname "AWACS-killer".


Development on the missile was started in the end of the 1980s, by the Russian manufacturer NPO Novator. The K-100 was first publicly unveiled in the year 1993 at the Abu Dhabi Air Show. Unfortunately, NPO Novator's financial problems caused the end of the K-100 development and thus, it could also not enter service with the Russian Air Force. However the missile is still being offered on export market and the Armed Forces of India and China showed interest into the missile.

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