The MiG 1.44 (NATO reporting name: "Flatpack") is an Russian test aircraft for an air superiority Fighter of the MFI project. It is a twin engine, canard winged fighter aircraft with thrust vectoring to boost the agility. However it lost against the Su-47 which was evolved into the PAK-FA.


The Project 1.44 was started in the 1980s, as first design requirements for a new fighter to succeed the Su-27 Flanker were made. The MFI project was, in some ways, based on the American F-22 Raptor, however the aircraft doesn't have any stealth abilities, due to a lack of knowledge . The MiG MFI had to be agile, fast and
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cheap as well as it had to be able to supercruise and it needed to have an advanced avionic suite to be effective in BVR combat.

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