The CF-101 Voodoo is the Canadian counterpart to the F-101 Voodoo of the USAF. They were introduced in 1961 and were retired in 1987. Two batches of 66 were made, totalling 132 planes. There are three variants: The CFF-101B, a two seat interceptor, CF-101F, a dual control aircraft for training, and EF-101B, an electronic jamming variant.

Details (F-101B)Edit

  • Length: 67 FT, 5 In
  • Wing Span: 39 FT, 8in
  • Wing Area: 368 FT
  • Maximum Speed: Mach 1.72 (1,134 MP/H
  • Rate of Climb: 49,200 FT/Min
  • Thrust/Weight Ratio: 0.74


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