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The Lockheed Martin YF-22 (unofficially named "Lightning II") is an American prototype fighter aircraft developed for the Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) program .

Advanced Tactical FighterEdit

The YF-22 was designed in the early 1980s as the US Air Force's 5th Generation Air Superiority fighter, it competed with Northtrop's YF-23 and after a fly-off the YF-22 was declared as the winner. Only the YF-22 was able to be controlled in a stall. As well, it could fly at angels of attack of over 60°. The YF-22 was able to carry more weapons than the YF-23 due to it´s larger weapon bays. The YF-23 was faster and stealthier than the YF-22, however the YF-22 was a more capable supercruiser when compared to the YF-23.


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