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The Ka-52 Alligator is the two seat and more advanced version of the Ka-50 Hokum. In the 1980s it was designed
800px-Russian Air Force Kamov Ka-52 Maksimov
to conduct battlefield reconnaissance, provide target designation, support and co-ordinate group attack helicopter operations. One of the Ka-52´s special features is that it is equipped with two ejection seats, if the pilots activate them, the coaxial rotors are blown off; the Ka-50 Hokum, the Ka-52´s precursor was the first attack helicopter that was equipped with an ejection seat. Unlike in conventional attack helicopters, the pilots don´t sit behind each other, in the Ka-52 they are sitting side by side.


The Ka-52 Alligator was developed from the single seat Ka-50 Hokum. Because the two pilots are sitting side by side, the fuselage was widened. Even if the prototype had it´s first flight in 1997, production began on 29th October 2008. After that, the prototypes were equipped with other systems, for new testing. Currently production and testing until operational status of a single Ka-52 Alligator lasts for 9 months.


Manufacturer Kamov
Rotor diameter 14.5 m
Length 16 m
Height 4.95 m
Empty weight 7,700 kg
Loaded weight 10,400 kg
Max. takeoff weight 11,900 kg
Maximum speed 310 km/h
Service ceiling 5,500 m
Rate of climb 13.2 m/s
Range 1,200 km
Engines Two Klimov WK-2500
Power engines 2,700 horsepower each

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