Fo 108 Testbed

Folland Fo.108 (P1775) Air Ministry Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 4456[1]

The Folland Fo. 108 was an engine testbed used by Great Britain during the 1940s.


Resembling a scaled up Hawker Hurricane, the Fo. 108 was a low wing monoplane with fixed undercarriage. The large fuselage, which contained a large cabin for two observers and their instruments, was a light alloy semi-monocoque construction, while plywood was used to cover the tail assembly and the wings, which featured split trailing edge flaps and automatic wingtip slots.[2]


The first design by Folland to reach the hardware stage, the Fo. 108 was developed in response to Specification 43/37, which called for an aircraft capable of testing a variety of aero engines. Selected ahead of designs from Percival and General Aircraft, 12 examples of the Fo. 108 were built,[2] with serials P1774 to P1785.[3]

The first aircraft was delivered in 1940, with examples remaining in service until 27th March 1945.[2]

Details of ServiceEdit

  • P1774 - Delivered 1940. Lost 14th September 1944.[2] Engines fitted: Sabre I, Sabre II, Bristol Centaurus
  • P1775 - Lost 18th September 1944.[2] Engines fitted: Hercules VIII, Centaurus.[3]
  • P1776 - Lost 28th August 1944.[2] Engines fitted: Centaurus IV, Sabre I.[3]
  • P1777 - Engines fitted: Sabre I, Centaurus.[3]
  • P1778 - Struck off charge 27 March 1945 after Griffon tests. Engines fitted: Griffon,[2] Centaurus I (also used by de Havilland for propeller tests.[3]
  • P1779 - Lost 14th September 1944.[2] Engines fitted: Sabre I, Hercules XI, various Sabre engines.[3]
  • P1780 - Engines fitted: Hercules XI, various Napier engines
  • P1781 - Lost 28th April 1944, while conducting Centaurus IV take off tests at Heston.[N 1] Engines fitted: Centaurus IV.[3]
  • P1782 - Engines fitted: Hercules XI;[2] various Bristol engines.[3]
  • P1783 - Engines fitted: Hercules XI;[2] various Bristol engines.[3]
  • P1784 - Struck of charge 5th March 1945 after testing Hercules XI. Engines fitted: Hercules XI;[2] various Bristol engines.[3]
  • P1785 - Engines fitted: Hercules XI;[2] various Bristol engines.[3]



  1. This was the first recorded loss of an Fo.108.[2]


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