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Piston Engine FightersEdit

World War I Edit

Notable aircraft: (with year of introduction)


Notable aircraft:



World War IIEdit

Notable aircraft:

Jet-powered fightersEdit

Also see Category:Jet aircraft

First-generation jet fighters (1944-1953)Edit

Notable aircraft:

Second generation (1953-1960) Edit

Notable aircraft:

Third generation (1960-1970) Edit

Notable aircraft:

Fourth generation (1970-1990) Edit

Notable aircraft:

Generation 4.5 (1990-2000) Edit

Notable aircraft:

Fifth generation (2000-Present) Edit

In ServiceEdit

In Development Edit

Technology Demonstrators (some of which may become/may have become platforms for fighters) Edit

Potential sixth GenerationEdit


  1. Russia's fifth generation combat aircraft to fly by late 2008-Ivanov
  2. Russia to build fifth-generation fighter prototype soon

External linksEdit

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