Dfs 346
The DFS 346 was a German rocket powered plane flown in tthe USSR after World War 2. It was captured by the Soviets during the end of the second world war, and was completed and tested in Soviet territory.


The DFS 346 had a swept wing dewsign, which was placed in the center of the fuselage. The fuselage had a "cigar" design, wit the cockpit being the nose cone. The wongs were swept back at 45 degrees.


  • Length: 44 FT 1 In
  • Wingspan: 29 FT 6 In
  • Wing Area: 213 FT
  • Maximum Speed: 560 MPH


  • The DFS 346 had an unusual escape system for its pilot: the nose cone would be jetisoned from the rest of the body, then a drag chute would pull off most of the nose cone, leaving a small part at the front and the pilot's seat. The pilot would then fall free from the nose, and his parachute would then deploy.
  • Supposedly, there was a stability problem, which caused wing fences to later be added.

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